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Hellenic adj
1 characteristic of the ancient Greek and Roman cultures [syn: Greco-Roman, Graeco-Roman]
2 relating to or characteristic of the classical Greek civiliHzation [syn: Hellenistic, Hellenistical]
3 of or relating to or characteristic of Greece or the Greeks; "Greek mythology"; "a grecian robe" [syn: Greek, Grecian] n : the Hellenic branch of the Indo-European family of languages [syn: Greek, Hellenic language]

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From Ελληνικός (Hellenikos) "of or relating to Greece or Greeks", from Ancient Greek Ελλάς (Hellas) "Greece".



  1. Of or relating to the ancient Greek culture and civilization before the Hellenistic period.
  2. Of or relating to Hellas (Greece) or the Hellenes (Greeks).


  1. The Greek language and its dialects from the earliest records (Linear B inscriptions, about 1600-1300 BCE) to the present Modern Greek.



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Hellenic or Hellenes may refer to:
  • Hellenic Republic, the modern state of Greece
  • Hellenes, a term for either ancient or modern Greeks
  • Hellenic, anything related to Greece in general or Ancient Greece in particular
  • Hellenic College, a liberal arts college in Brooklyn, Massachusetts
  • Hellenes, a relatively small but vigorous tribe during the era of the Trojan War
  • Hellenistic civilization, the spreading of Greek culture over the non-Greek peoples that were conquered by Alexander the Great
  • Hellenistic Greece, the period between the death of Alexander the Great in 323 BC and the annexation of the Greek peninsula and islands by Rome in 146 BC
  • Helladic period, The Bronze Age period of mainland Greece spanning c.2800 - 1100 B.C.
  • Hellenic American Academy in Lowell, Massachusetts
  • Hellenic plate, a minor tectonic plate under Greece, Italy and Turkey
  • Hellenic Athletes, a website dedicated to the ancient Hellenic sports of athletics and weightlifting.
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